Honey Is STILL Vegan

Historically, vegans were written off as crazy. And one of the main reasons for this was vegans used to include tiny things like honey in the definition of the word, “vegan.

Luckily, in around the year 2005, that shit changed. The definition of the word was updated to include things like honey and other minute shit that was mentally blocking people from joining us.

Veganism immediately began it’s ascent into the mainstream. And now that veganism has officially arrived into the mainstream, we feel it is now time to pay homage to one of the main rules that got it there.

Honey is still vegan.

Some vegans don’t consume it because of some fucked up shit being done to bees. Some vegans argue that it’s not actually fucked up what’s being done to the bees. And some vegans don’t give a shit about the bees.

But no matter where you stand, personally, when it comes to honey. ALL vegans agree that honey is still vegan.

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