About Us

When Phil began his vegan journey back in 2004, Matt would scream bacon and eat it in front of him. Until he went vegan too. LOL

Since then we've done everything from: 

  • hand out 200,000 leaflets on college campuses
  • gather a fuck ton of petition signatures
  • organize 200 demonstrations around the country
  • complete 600 mainstream media interviews
  • organize non-profit benefit parties
  • launch, grow, and sell 3 successful fitness centers
  • coach over 40,000 vegans to their fat loss goals
  • publish a book on the world's largest publisher
  • launch award-winning Vodka Is Vegan Premium Vodka

We don't say all this to brag. We say all this so that you know we've been living and breathing this shit for the last 15 years. We've become nerds when it comes to the psychology of change. Which means we love inspiring motherfuckers to go vegan.

And we've funneled our expertise into the slogans on our merch. If you're looking for merch slogans designed to save the highest number of animals, this is your store.

Thanks for your support!


-Vegan Bros®, Phil and Matt Letten, Founders & CEOs