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Historically, vegans were anti-Christian. And while this collection has to do with more than just including evangelical Christians in our movement, that is where the inspiration for it came from.

For a very long time, evangelical Christians were prevented from going vegan by the very vegans who claimed to want to spread veganism to the world.

But sometime around the year 2005, there was a shift. A few activists on the leading edge of veganism began placing a large part of their focus on reaching evangelical Christians.

And since then, veganism has begun exploding in Christian circles. Even garnering support from leaders like Franklin Graham.

And, in recent years, religious texts have have been discovered that reflect what many have asserted for years. That Jesus was spreading the vegan shit way back in the day.

Take a stand for the animals by purchasing a “Veganism Is For Everyone” sticker. And show the world that veganism truly is for everyone.

• High opacity film that’s impossible to see through
• Fast and easy bubble-free application
• Durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use
• 95µ density

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.

*All sales are final except for garment deformities or design flaws.

Size guide

Height (inches) 5 ½
Width (inches) 5 ½